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    “We had a major problem with a sewer backup. We called PineRidge and they were there immediately to clean up the mess. They removed the furniture & carpet, cleaned and sanitized all areas so there would be no future problems with mold. They then personally worked with our insurance company to ensure we would receive full reimbursement for the proper repairs that were needed. The crew treated us just as they would their own family in working thru this stressful time. We highly recommend Pine Ridge for the services provided.”Micheal L.

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Water Damage Cleanup Cleveland OH

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Your Top-Rated, Family Owned Water Damage Restoration Service in Cleveland For Over 30 Years

Sewage Cleanup Cleveland OH

Since 1989, Pine Ridge Restoration is the complete resource of yours for a healthy and clean beautiful home. Our family-owned and operated restoration company provides a multitude of water damage repair, cleanup & water removal products in Cleveland OH. If you’re experiencing a flood damage circumstance, our team will step in and provide a seasoned, friendly solution that leads to you getting your property to a dry and normal condition. Having created an expert service that is all about making people feel better about their properties, we are the reassurance you need for those repairs! Let us know what you’re searching for or what issues have occurred, and we will be there to assist you. We offer commercial and residential property restoration throughout Cleveland as well as the surrounding areas. Call us today if you require water restoration and emergency water removal.

24/7 Water Damage Cleanup and Water Removal Services

Water is able to cause damage immediately and should be addressed quickly to be able to minimize large-loss along with other harmful results. A broken, leaky, or frozen pipes, sink overflow, bathtub overflow, toilet overflow, and leaks, air conditioner leaks, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher overflow, warped hardwood floors, and water in basement is able to lead to severe harm to the home in a brief timeframe, making you confused and overwhelmed. Pine Ridge Restoration will direct you through the Cleveland water damage cleanup procedure from beginning to end. We’re available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for all water extraction situations.

Our Water & Flood Cleanup Process

Basement Water Damage Cleveland OH

We are going to arrive fast and we’ll be prepared to begin our Cleveland water damage services instantly by mitigating the damage. Our crew will begin the safe and swift removal of the affected content. From here, water cleanup and water removal are started. Based on the scope of the damage, baseboards and floor coverings might have been eliminated. Structural drying equipment will be positioned in accordance with business requirements to quickly take out any leftover water from the building materials.

Once mitigation is underway, we are going to monitor and record the drying progress to its conclusion. Our experienced estimator will submit all of the needed paperwork to your insurance company. We will serve as the liaison to the insurance adjuster, working to make sure you get the loss settlement to which you’re entitled.

We strive to make the whole water damage restoration Cleveland process as easy and seamless as we can for you and can keep you informed each step of the way. Our goal is restoring the home of yours back to its original condition quickly so you are able to return to healthy and clean living.

Broken, Frozen, and Burst Pipes

Flood Damage Cleveland OHFreshwater losses often occur from faulty flexible supply lines and/or frozen pipes. Often times this occurs a top-down wetting scenario, affecting floors, walls, ceilings, and everything in between. A frozen, broken or leaky pipe are all inconveniences that can lead to major headaches for your home. Ignoring these repairs can be extremely costly, as damage can lead to an unstable structure and damage to your valuables. Should you need any help with a burst or frozen pipe water damage or are dealing with flooding at all, we have what it takes to rectify these drying scenarios with minimal destruction to your property.

Sump Pump Back-ups

Faulty submersible pumps are one of the most common sources of loss. Heavy rains are largely the culprit, putting a strain on a pump that isn’t designed to work continuously. Sump pumps are located on the lowest level of a property, and a sump pump failure often leads to basement damage. In most cases, the water will only affect the flooring area and up to 2 feet of walls. Due to the nature of the water source, most damaged materials can be dried and saved.

Sewage Backup Cleanup & Removal

Sewage damage is usually the most severe and damaging of water losses, with water usually originating from a sanitary sewer source. This water can contain raw human waste, chemicals, and other filth that pose a significant danger to your health. These losses require special attention, and most structural materials and contents are considered non-salvageable. The framing of the property can usually be cleaned, disinfected, and dried within a considerable timeframe.

Our technicians act quickly and promptly with sewage removal. With specialized training and equipment to quickly and safely clean contaminants like sewage, we guarantee that when we are finished, your property will be dry and free of sewage damage. In order to provide immediate service, we are available 24 hours a day, so that we can deploy our water damage restoration specialists to assist you with sewage cleanup. Just give us a call, and our sewage backup cleanup experts will reach you within no time

Basement Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Cleveland OH

No matter if you’ve been affected by massive storm damage, or just have broken or leaky pipe water damage, the damage will worsen if not handled immediately. Flooded basements can be even more troublesome if you have a sump pump that’s failed.

Basement flooding can occur from sources inside and outside the home. Excessive rain can over saturate the ground, resulting in leaks and even cracks throughout your crawlspace or basement. Basements are the lowest point in a home and tend to flood first during any kind of flooding emergency. Frozen, broken, and burst pipes are more susceptible to happen in these areas due to the pressure and temperature difference within a basement. Also, hidden moisture can lead to mold and mildew that can invade and ruin your stored contents and valuables.

If you experience a flooded basement or any other catastrophe, we make it our mission to check your home from top to bottom to make sure that all excess water and moisture is eliminated. Our job is to detect the water and moisture in your basement quickly and handle the Cleveland water removal completely. Our top priority is restoring your property to its pre-disaster condition as promptly and professionally as possible using the best techniques in water cleanup. Do not wait to call our home restoration company if you need basement water damage repair and flood cleanup.

Cleveland’s #1 Choice in Water Damage Cleanup

If you are suffering from a flood damage situation, our Cleveland OH water removal company will step in and offer an experienced, friendly solution that results in you getting your property back to a dry and normal condition using our tried and true water mitigation services. Having created an expert service that is all about making people feel better about their properties, we can be the peace of mind that you need for all your Cleveland repairs!

Let us know what you are looking for or what problems have occurred, and we will be there to help. We provide residential and commercial water damage cleanup throughout Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and the surrounding areas. Call us today if you are experiencing an emergency or have questions about our services.


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