Fire and Smoke

House fires can be devastating. Smoke and soot from fires spread quickly, affecting everything in its path – walls, ceilings, and floors – and every single piece of your personal property. Special cleaning and deodorization techniques are required to permanently eradicate the odor of smoke, and we are highly trained and experienced in that field. fire-and-smoke-damage.fw

Rapid response for initial cleaning is crucial; secondary damage often results as the acidic soot sets into your property. This is only intensified once the fire is extinguished with water and chemicals. Where there is fire, there will be water. A detailed cleaning and drying effort will be initiated right away to minimize the loss.

Our contents crew will carefully identify, inventory, and pack out all of your belongings to our warehouse for restorative cleaning. We can then assess what will be required to put your house back together again, working in tandem with your insurance adjuster to determine what can be repaired, and what will have to be replaced.

We take great pride in minimizing the amount of time required to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.