Upholstery Cleaning


Pine Ridge Cleaning & Restoration technicians are highly trained in upholstery cleaning, and take great care in evaluating fiber type prior to cleaning. luxury living room interior and decoration We carefully test-clean in inconspicuous areas as needed to check for dye stability on delicate fabrics. We utilize the warm water extraction method provided by our high-powered, state-of-the-art, truck mounted cleaning plants. Cleaning detergents are green-safe, plant-based, and are specially formulated for the fabric for which we are cleaning.

Please be aware that the time required for proper professional upholstery cleaning is often longer than you might expect, as this is a more labor intensive and detailed process. Our technicians will ensure a job done right, with quality cleaning and exceptional service every time we enter your home.

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As with all of our other professional services, we are highly trained and certified in leather cleaning and care. Our industry expertise allows Pine Ridge Cleaning & Restoration to avoid common mistakes made in leather cleaning.

Errors are largely due to uninformed cleaners not knowing what kind and quality of leather they are trying to clean. Most leathers in an upholstered environment are protected, meaning there is a thin layer of flexible vinyl “paint” on them. Aniline leathers are similar to that of a baseball glove — meaning they are subject to oil staining from body oils, much like your baseball glove gets darker every time you condition it. Suede type leathers are also very difficult to clean, but with a careful approach, and if maintained properly without too much time lapse, they can be cleaned like new.

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