Hard Surface Cleaning

Pine Ridge Cleaning & Restoration provides cleaning services on all solid surfaces, including tile & natural stone flooring, showers, concrete, and even stone/granite counter tops. We also handle resilient floor maintenance.

hard-surface-cleaningHard surface cleaning uses hot water extraction similar to that of carpet cleaning. The difference is in the tooling, detergents, absorbency, and water recovery. We utilize high-heat, high-pressure rotary extraction that simulates pressure washing of your hard surfaces. The water is immediately extracted with no overspray, leaving behind a remarkably clean difference!

Most tile and grout floors require professional attention. Consumers are persuaded by misleading labels to buy the detergents that can actually harm your flooring or make it harder to clean! Aggressive, caustic cleaning agents can leave behind a sticky residue on the porous surface, attracting soil like a magnet. Our technicians can rectify the situation and education you on the proper ongoing maintenance of your floor.

Step-by-step review of Hard Surface Cleaning