Residential Carpet Cleaning

Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Step 1: Pre-inspection

Our certified technician will ask you for a guided tour of the areas to be cleaned to identify any points of concern you may have. Take some time to look carefully prior to our arrival so we can properly address these areas. Identify spots and stains if at all possible so we can better treat those areas.

Step 2: HEPA Vacuum

Truck-Mounted-Hot-Water-Extraction-Cleaning One of the most important steps of carpet cleaning is dry soil removal. Our certified technicians use a commercial quality HEPA filtered CRI Gold Certified vacuum, which greatly improves the cleaning experience.

Step 3: Furniture Moving

There is no additional charge for moving furniture. We kindly ask that you try to remove as many smaller items (lamps, small end tables, etc.) prior to our arrival if possible. Larger pieces will be moved for you, and placed on protective tabs/blocks following cleaning. For liability reasons, we cannot move delicate electronics, AV equipment, or pianos.

Step 4: Pre-spray

Our certified technician will pre-condition the entire area with special plant-based botanical cleaning agents boosted with citrus solvents to break up soils more effectively. These are called “surfactants”, or “surface active agents”. In most cases, we proudly use green-safe cleaning agents. Better for you, and better for the environment!

Step 5: Pre-spotting

Troublesome stains will be addressed with the appropriate spotting agent to obtain a better overall clean. There’s no such thing as one “Do-All” miracle spotter for all stains! Point these out during the Pre-Inspection so we know how to handle them.

Step 6: Agitation

An agitation rake or scrubber is used to gently massage the carpet fibers to loosen the soils and help the cleaning agents do their job — much like when you shampoo your hair. Agitation, coupled with dwell time, greatly improves the results.

Step 7: Hot Water Extraction

The carpet is thoroughly cleaned using high-power truck-mounted extraction. We use our own filtered, soft water that neutralizes as we clean, leaving behind virtually no residue. We also extract the moisture THOROUGHLY, meaning more soil removal and ultra-fast drying times! We pride ourselves in the fastest drying times in the industry today.

Step 8: Protector (optional)

Carpet protectors – a very beneficial service – can now be properly re-applied. Did you know that, over time, foot traffic and friction (vacuuming, beater bars) can remove factory-applied protection making it important to re-apply, especially in high-traffic areas? We apply the proper amount so that you get the most out of your investment.

Step 9: Groom & Power Dry

High-speed air movers are used to force-dry the carpet. The helps prevent re-occurring wick-backs, and also rapidly decreases drying time — especially following the proper carpet protection application.

Step 10: Cleaning Experience Walk-through

Prior to packing up our cleaning tools and hoses, our certified technician will guide you through the freshly cleaned areas for your approval. We will re-clean any areas of concern. As always, WE aren’t happy unless YOU are happy!