Natural Fiber Area Rug Cleaning

Step-by-Step Detailed Review of The Process

Our 9-Step Natural Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1: Pre-inspection

We invite you to point out areas of concern on your rug to our certified technicians. This helps us note the areas requiring special attention prior to being removed from your home and to our plant.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

Since most fine area rugs are much denser than wall-to-wall carpet, we use specialized vibrating tools to agitate the soil loose, which makes them easier to vacuum. CRI Gold Certified HEPA vacuums and Deep Pile Lifters are then used to remove embedded soils.

Step 3: Pre-spray

Most natural fibers are sensitive to certain cleaning agents. We use special pH-balanced green-safe cleaning agents, formulated for use on natural rugs.

Step 4: Pre-spotting

Troublesome stains will be addressed with the appropriate spotting agent to obtain a better overall clean. Unlike synthetic, wool fibers are sometimes prone to permanent staining because of its porous nature – it accepts aqueous stains readily and easily. For this reason, some stains may be considered permanent.

Step 5: Immersion Bath

Rugs are placed into a large soaking station for immersion cleaning. We first stabilize the dyes, then immerse the rug into a pit containing special natural-fiber cleaning agents. After some dwell time, gentle agitation is used to scrub the fibers entirely. Following the bathing process, a fresh water rinse takes place to remove all detergent residue.

Step 6: Extraction

This crucial process is done carefully with controlled vacuum-relief extraction devices. One of the most important steps of cleaning fine rugs is water removal, and to do this takes great care, time, and attention to ensure the fibers aren’t distorted.

Step 7: Protector (optional)

Carpet protectors – a very beneficial service – can now be properly re-applied. Did you know that, over time, foot traffic and friction (vacuuming, beater bars) can remove factory-applied protection making it important to re-apply, especially in high-traffic areas? We apply the PROPER amount, rather than just misting your rug as some of our competitors may do. It’s your investment and we want to give you exactly what you pay for.

Step 8: Grooming

The rug is gently combed and groomed with soft rakes to erect all of the fibers. Natural fringes, if applicable, are treated with special cotton cleaners to brighten them. Special compressed air blasts of air are gently introduced to the tops of the rug fibers to open up them up for appearance and a soft feel.

Step 9: Final Inspection

Our certified technician will review your rug carefully to verify it has been cleaned properly. It is then rolled, wrapped, and readied for delivery or pick up.

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