Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs have become a popular floor covering choice bringing warmth and beauty into your home. Like carpeting, it is important to have rugs properly cleaned on a routine basis to maintain appearance and increase longevity.  With almost 30 years of experience, our certified technicians are highly trained in both synthetic and natural fiber area rug cleaning.

It is essential to identify the construction and material of the rug before cleaning to ensure the proper cleaning method is employed. Certain types of rugs require special care to thoroughly clean the rug while protecting its natural beauty. We use only the industry’s best practices when it comes to caring for your rugs, and we go above and beyond to clean and protect your rugs.

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Natural Fiber Area Rug Cleaning

Natural fiber rugs, whether made of wool (most common), silk, cotton, or a blend, are very dense and highly absorbent. Due to the density of the fibers and the absorbency of the rug itself (wool can hold up to 30 times its weight in water), on-site cleaning would likely damage the rug and/or the surroundings.  It is important to note that fine natural fiber rugs can NOT be cleaned on site. Our certified technicians will inspect the rug and recommend the best approach for cleaning.

Our in-plant equipment allows for a thorough multi-step immersion process where we actually “bathe” your rug completely.  This allows for removal of as much of the soil load from the rug as possible without damaging the rug’s natural fibers.  Following cleaning, the rugs are dried using carefully controlled dry warm air.

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Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning

Synthetic area rugs are cleaned in a similar fashion as routine carpet cleaning.  The process itself is very similar to conventional hot water extraction.  Provided there is a proper location and workable nonabsorbent subfloor beneath it, rugs can be cleaned on site with your other service items.

In some instances, we may choose to immersion clean the rugs at our rug washing facility if they are badly soiled.  The rugs brought in for in-plant cleaning will be carefully washed and dried to remove as much soil as possible from the rug.

View Our Synthetic Area Rug Cleaning Process

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