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How To Safely Remove Water-Damaged Materials From Your Home

Water damage can happen at any time, and it’s often unexpected. Natural disasters like floods or storms can cause it, as plumbing issues like burst pipes or leaky faucets, or even human error like leaving a bathtub running or forgetting to turn off a dishwasher. Regardless of the cause, water damage is a severe issue […]

water damage wickliffe

Reasons You May Have Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem for homeowners in Wickliffe. Unfortunately, water damage can result in costly repairs and significant inconveniences, especially when you don’t know what to look for to prevent extensive damage.  Water Damage Wickliffe With over 30 years of experience responding to and resolving water damage in homes, our experts at Pine […]

water damage wickliffe

Preparing For Spring To Avoid Water Damage

Though winter brought us beautiful blankets of snow, it can cause significant damage now that the weather is starting to warm up. Even an inch of snow can generate an uncontrollable amount of water when melted. If this water accumulates in your home’s foundation, you will be looking at a flooded basement. With winter ending, […]

water damage wickliffe

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage is far more common than one would think. According to statistics, water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year, and the average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965. About 14,000 people experience water damage in the US every single day. Historically, every single homeowner […]

water damage wickliffe

Develop A Water Damage Mitigation Plan

Did you know that water damage claims are the leading cause of property loss across the United States? Water damage mitigation is a process that minimizes damages to your possessions and property. Some of the steps of water mitigation include: Stop the source of the water Halt the water’s flow Assess the damage Clear out […]

water damage wickliffe

Not Out Of The Woods Yet: Six Potential Safety Hazards After A Flood

When people think about the consequences of flood damage, they often focus on the immediate damage and safety hazards caused by the flood. This often results in overlooking the potential safety hazards that can remain prevalent long after the flood took place. Water Damage Wickliffe In our experience at Pine Ridge Restoration, these hazards are […]

water damage wickliffe

How Water Pressure Relates To Water Damage

Stepping into your shower after arriving home from a long day at work or a challenging workout is a great way to relax, unwind, and wash the stress and/or sweat away. Finding that there is only a trickle of water coming from your shower head can put a real damper on things though, and you […]

water damage wickliffe

Reasons For Basement Floods

A basement flooding can be annoying, frustrating, and stressful. Floods cause an immense amount of water damage which can lead to mildew and mold if not quickly disposed of properly. By understanding what causes your basement to flood, you are able to take the necessary steps to prevent it in the future.  Water Damage – […]

water damage wickliffe

Do’s And Don’ts During A Water Damage Crisis

In a water damage emergency, staying calm and knowing what to do is essential. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you through the crisis. Water Damage In Wickliffe To Do’s Shut Off The Water Supply Water damage is one of the worst things to a home. Not only is it expensive to repair, […]

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How To Protect Your Wickliffe Basement from Water Damage

Basements have always been the most common kind of foundation found in Wickliffe households. The major drawback of basements would be that they flood more frequently than any other part of the house. This is due to the fact that they are the lowest region of the house. According to insurance industry claims, 97 percent […]