Air Duct Cleaning Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Protect Environment

Our technicians take care in wearing protective booties and installing clean drop cloths around all surrounding areas to be travelled and serviced.

Step 2: Pre-inspection and Evaluation

We ask you to guide technicians on a tour of the air handler, the filters of the system, and each register opening of each room to verify access. During this time the air handler is powered down.

Step 3: Install HEPA Negative Air Collection Unit

Our technicians will cut access holes in both the supply and return side plenum for attachment of large vacuum hose while isolating supply side from return side. Our high-powered negative air machine is connected to the installed hoses, and the unit is powered on.

Step 4: Install Air Dams

Using paper, we isolate each register opening to ensure maximum vacuum flow on the opening we are working on. We work from the farthest to the closest, ensuring no cross-contamination.

Step 5: Clean Register Opening

Using high-powered certified HEPA vacuums, our technicians remove a lot of contamination at the source of the register openings. Often times, construction debris, children’s toys, and other items are found at the tail end of these openings. A thorough vacuuming prior to using our other equipment has proved to be a far more thorough cleaning experience.

Step 6: Agitate Ductwork

Using specialized tooling, we employ powered brushes and compress air whips that physically scrub the interior of the ductwork. Once debris is airborne, it is “pushed” by the tools and “pulled – in the negative air flow, becoming trapped in the collection unit. The large negative air collection unit is exhausted outside the home wherever possible. If security is an issue or outside exhaust is impractical, we install HEPA filtration doors on the collection unit to stop the dirt air flow in its tracks.

Step 7: Clean Air Handler

Our technicians thoroughly clean and decontaminate the air handler of your furnace and air conditioning system. This is often considered the heart of the system – or as we like to think of it – the “lungs” of the system. Part of our detailed process includes cleaning the blower and interior of the furnace cabinet, and – if you have air conditioning – the often overlooked coil cleaning!

Step 8: Install New Furnace Filter

Our technician will install a new higher efficiency furnace filter for your system of correct size and type. If your filter is washable, we take care of that now. We can also install higher efficiency washable electrostatic filters for an additional charge. These filters trap far more contaminants than the stock installed 1” pleated paper media.

Step 9: Clean Registers & Openings

Our technicians hand wash and dry each and every register of your HVAC system prior to reinstallation. The ductwork openings are also wiped down as far as possible during this step.

Step 10: Re-energize HVAC System

We turn back on your HVAC system and ensure everything is in proper working order prior to continuing.

Step 11: Disinfection and Soot Sealant

Once your furnace fan is energized, we fog the entire HVAC system with two products: both completely safe and EPA registered and certified. The first is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that creates a hospital-like state, killing harmful germ, bacteria, and viruses inside your system. The second product is an encapsulating sealer that is designed to trap and seal any contamination left behind.

Step 12: Final Inspection

We inspect all the work and perform a final clean up of the entire environment – including vacuuming floor coverings and surroundings as necessary. We pride ourselves in ALWAYS leaving your home cleaner than when we found it.